My name is Therese Skelly, and I want you to ask yourself...

Are you ready flip the switch and get the results you really want...instead of wasting time 'fixing' the wrong things? 

Can you imagine finally clearing those blocks that have held you back from making the money you would love?  

You want to have that next level business, right?

That one where you are more profitablefeel more confidenthave more visibility, and help loads more people in the process. (All while feeling really AUTHENTIC and good in your skin.)

Want to know what’s really holding you back? Trust me, it’s not that you aren’t smart enough or haven’t taken enough courses to figure out your next steps.

There is something blocking you from revealing that next/better version of your business.

Sadly, it’s actually hidden from you. So you are very likely spending all kinds of money on the wrong things to try to fix this. (Like my client who had spent $30k on marketing, branding, website, a new mentor, photography, copywriting….but never made money because she neglected this one thing.)

After working with hundreds of business owners just like you, I can probably predict a few things.

The idea for your next ‘uplevel’ or version 2.0 of that more profitable business IS ALREADY living in you. (But for some reason you haven’t fully said yes or launched it yet.)

What is in the way is YOU. Not that you don’t work hard, but where things break down is in your unconscious/mindset or energy blocks.

It’s getting pretty tiring trying more coaching, new programs, and all kinds of self-motivation from kicking-yourself-in-the-butt (or hoping and praying) to make this thing work.

You are ready for things to get easier and start getting much more momentum.

If that is you, keep reading because I have the solution.



Now, you could also hire me for thousands of dollars to do this work. Or, you could come to Arizona and do a retreat, or join one of my masterminds and get the whole enchilada of the process. (And I’d love if you would want to do that!)

Yet I know that for many people, taking that first step is what needs to happen and happen quickly.

So here is a rare chance to work with me on phase one of the process: healing the inner game.

Because if you have a faulty foundation in place, NOTHING will work with ease moving forward.

Together, you and I are going to dive in and find out what needs to be cleared for you, so your business can be what it should be.

Find and clear what is hiding in the background

The Solution?  What you need to do is to....

Yup. YOU need to discover things in you that are blocking your visibility and money-making mojo.  Then, they need to be cleared, so you can finally get freedom to do the work you love.

Before you can activate your next level business… you need get free of your blocks.

Prior to becoming a marketing strategist/business coach, I was a psychotherapist for 25 years so I'm an expert at this. (But I promise I’m not going to make you lay on a couch and tell me all the tales of how your mama wasn’t there for you!) 

Here’s what I will do though…


What gets REVEALED is that yummy business that you have always dreamed of. We work on the mindset and messaging, so you are crystal clear and feel confident in your marketing and selling.

We ACTIVATE it! That means we get you in action. This is where money is made and that sweet sense of pride of accomplishment sets in.

Here’s a bit about the process. I call it Heal-Reveal-Activate™ because that is what makes for a successful business owner.

We HEAL the parts in you that are holding you back. (Hey, we all have them, so don’t feel bad if you can raise your hand to this!)


Listen to my 2-hour Masterclass on:

Break the Chains that Bind You: 

The #1 thing that blocks you from really showing up and being visible for your business and ideal clients.

You’ll learn these things in the Masterclass:

The #1 block and how it’s so sneaky you don’t even recognize it

Ideas of how it looks in your business (because you may just think it’s normal)

How this block is holding you back and costing you

How to recognize it so you have freedom and choice

Signs and patterns of how it happens so it won't derail you

For only two payments of $97, I'll include the Masterclass AND a PRIVATE clearing/block busting session with me.

Because of the nature of these unconscious mindset blocks, having knowledge or education alone is not enough to blast though the places where you are being held back…and particularly the nasty one that kills your visibility.

This is why many of us have paid loads of $$, signed up with the best intentions to high end coaching programs, but for some reason could not get the results promised.

But it doesn't have to be that way any longer!

You will understand why you have been holding yourself back.

You will feel more confident.

You will have access to strategies that previously alluded you.

You will be aware of the patterns that previously stopped you.

You will now RESONATE with what you desire.

I know that if I can get my hands on you for about 30 minutes, we can find/flip the big block that has been giving you the stop-start-stop-start pattern you may be seeing.

The Resonance Solution™ work I do with you is the MAGIC. Why? Because we literally move boulders of old, stuck, energetic blocks that have been preventing your money from flowing in easily.

I want that for you.  For the low investment of only payments of $97. 

That’s for a 2-hour Masterclass PLUS a private coaching call with me. 

I’d say that you’ll want to listen to the training and within 30 days get an appointment so it’s fresh. (If there is some reason you need to move it, just contact me and we’ll take care of that.)

I normally charge hundreds an hour for my private coaching, but here’s the thing… I want to help as many people as I can. Occasionally I’ll do something for a super-low price point so more folks can get access to the work and the solutions. The more I do this energy clearing/block busting work, the more I am blown away by what can shift once removed.  My clients experience almost INSTANT shifts that allow them to take new action and stay focused on making more money.

Great question. This is where I can tell you that you’ll be blown away by how fast I can find and the clear your block. I will determine the #1 biggest block and then clear that. You’ll be resonating with your money goals and see how you were blocked and why.

This Masterclass is for any level. You can be blocked as a newbie, and just as blocked if you are making multiple six figures. So please… grab your spot now.

Is the Masterclass a live call? 


No.  You get access to the recording of the Masterclass.

What level of business should I have to do this?  

How do I book my appointment?  

Why is this so inexpensive? 

After we receive your registration, I'll send you an email with more details.  You'll simply reply to that email, and we'll get your appointment booked.

By when do I have to use my private call?  

What can I expect in one session?  

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